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Our Artists will walk you through a painting during a two hour event and you take home your masterpiece. Each Artist is hand-picked. Learn more about our mission and artist criteria on our About Us Page.

Gregory Copploe

Gregory Copploe began his career in art graduating from UCLA with a BA in Theatre, and began painting in oil in 2001 after the passing of his father who also painted in this medium. As an homage to his father, he began his journey in oils experimenting with sky, water and the creation of faces in the clouds, creating relationships between the water, sky, and moon surrounding those faces. He had no idea that this homage to his father, would soon become a passion of his own, as he branched out into portraits, inspired by Sergei Smirnov and Modigliani.

Mr. Copploe is a gallery artist and a 4 time American Art Award Winner. He has worked in the Paint and Sip Industry since 2013 and is excited to Stir It Up with all of you.

He is also a self help author of The Art of Being Whole which can be found in print and on Audible, and is an Antique Dealer at Pacific Gallery and Antiques in Sodo.

Kaytie Smith

Kaytie Ivy Summer Storm Smith is a fine artist born and raised in Washington. In 2014, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting at Pacific Lutheran University. Art and teaching have long been passions of hers. Throughout highschool and college she shared her love for art with students of various ages as an After School Program Assistant. She enjoys continuing to spark creativity for all ages through Stir Up the Paint. In her personal work, she focuses on the human figure and how humanity interacts with nature. You can follow her on Instagram @kaytieivyart to see her personal work and Stir It Up originals.

Awards she has received include the Artasia Darrell Smith Memorial 1st place award, a Juror’s Choice award from the 2009 Puyallup Fair Art Show, and the Kiwanas Club of Clover Park Art Award in 2010. In 2014, her series Waters of the Earth was showcased in the senior exhibition at Pacific Lutheran University. In her spare time, she loves to appreciate nature through photography, hiking, swimming and riding her motorcycle. She also enjoys spending time with her family.



“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun”

– Pablo Picasso


Brianna Fecarotta

Saturday morning cartoons and Disney princesses colored Bri’s childhood with laughter and engaging characters. It wasn’t long until she started creating worlds of her own via comics, writing groups, novels, and illustration.

Falling in love with animation early on led to a fast paced college career in art – receiving both an AA and a bachelors’ in Arts and Animation within four years. She helped create concept and character art for a short 3D animated film at University of Washington, and is now teaching 3D modeling and art to children in the greater Seattle area.

She is also part of master artist Tenaya Sims’ Imaginative Realism mentorship to further hone her skills. Bri is still actively pursuing animation and comics as a freelancer. With Stir Up The Paint, she wants to bring the same level of fun and originality found in cartoons and animation to your evening!

Ryan Dubinsky

Seattle and art have always been a part of my life. My art started out with little Ryan making stick figure potato people and took off from there. I started working with wire in middle school making small things like jewelry. I continued to experiment with other mediums and wire up until high school when everything came to a stop. At 14 my hair started falling out and by 15 I was diagnosed with alopecia and had gone completely bald. It was a big change in my life. I had a couple of other medical things going on as well and it put my art on hold for a bit. Coming out of that fog and embracing my baldness I knew I still loved art and that I wanted to pursue that in college. I planned on studying computer science and fine art wanting to lead myself into graphic design. I did accomplish that but along the way I fell in love with wire again thanks to a 3D visualization class. I began to make wire art like crazy. I have done art commission portraits as well as more abstract pieces two of which were shown overseas in London. I worked with my University to create a mural and I was asked to make our senior class button. I graduated this past spring with the class of 2020 with a degree in art and computer science. I’m currently working freelance design and trying to make my way in the fine art world. I look forward to Stirring It Up with all of you and helping you release your inner artist.

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